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Welcome, dear gladiator, to Squirrel Gladiators: the only gladiator association in the world where squirrels do the gladiatin' instead of humans! The incorporation of squirrels in the arena has actually been used since ancient Rome, but since the fall of the Roman Empire, the game has been mostly obsolete... until now! Train your squirrel to be the best it can be, and take it to battle! If you train it well enough, you might be able to become the next Squirrel Gladiators world champion! Are you ready to watch squirrels kill each other while you sit back not getting hurt at all?! Start your journey today!


★★★★☆ "Not sure about the game, but I love that Squirrel Gladiators isn't endorsed by the 1%." -Bernie Sanders

★★★★★ "The next big thing, even bigger than my wall." -Donald Trump

★☆☆☆☆ "Fuck this shit" -A random squirrel

★★★★★ "It's easier to gather squirrels' personal data when they're dead" -Mark Zuckerberg

Highlights from past battles

Squirrel Battlefield  Gladiator fight



Bootcamp  Explosion device



About us

Squirrel Gladiators was started by a bunch of high schoolers in California. It was the clear favorite out of many random ideas for new sports, including chair dodgeball, razor-taser-laser tag, and some others. We are currently a company of only a few people and we have not profitted yet. Please buy our shit.